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The Forget

He tugged on his tie to loosen the knot, allowing him to breathe more freely. His hands were covered in the blood of the warm corpse on the ground. It was a brutal scene. What had once been a man was now lump of broken bones and torn flesh. Heavy red fluid seeped from a variety of grisly wound. This...person deserved it, they always did. It was just the way of things. He got the call and went to work, he had no choice.

Now he waited for ‘the forget’ - the blessed cleansing that would wash away his brutal sin. It was sin to him, no matter how deserving the target. But soon it would be nothing. Already he forgot the corpse’s name. He looked at it intently, trying to remember. There was nothing. Good. He walked to the bathroom knowing where it was but not

knowing how he knew. The water turned crimson while he scrubbed at the evidence of his work. As his hands were cleansed, so was his mind. Now he couldn’t remember getting the call. He knew he had been on an assignment, but all details were gone. Good. He dried his hands and pulled a spare shirt and tie from his duffle bag. When had he packed it? Why?

Darren walked out of the house. He finished tucking in his shirt and straightened his tie. A beep from his phone roused him from his hazy confusion. Glancing at the screen he realized he was almost late for a meeting. He looked back at the house as he walked to his car. Unable to recall what he was doing there he quickly shrugged off the confusion as even the memory of that slipped away.

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